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Rafaelo Procedure

The Rafaelo® Procedure is an excellent alternative to surgery because it is minimally invasive, has low risk of pain and it allows patients to leave as soon as the procedure is finished. By using radio frequency ablation technology, your consultant colorectal surgeon will be able to reduce the size of the haemorrhoid and eliminate your symptoms.


The Manchester General Surgeon is one of just a few providers in the north west who offer the Rafaelo® Procedure. It is recommended for all grades of internal haemorrhoids, however in some extreme cases some haemorrhoids may only be reduced and not completely removed.


To avoid experiencing any discomfort, you will receive a local anesthetic before the procedure. Once the area is numb, radio frequency energy will be applied with the use of an anoscope to each haemorrhoid which will reduce the blood flow to it, making it shrink and disappear. The procedure can take as little as 15 minutes and requires minimal aftercare.

A new, highly successful treatment for haemorrhoids


The Rafaelo® Procedure is highly recommended because:

  • It is a walk-in, walk-out treatment that does not require an overnight stay

  • It is minimally invasive

  • The procedure requires minimal aftercare

  • It relieves symptoms immediately

  • It presents good long-term results


Once the procedure is complete, most patients can usually return to their normal daily activities straight away, but depending on the haemorrhoid grade, a day or two of rest may be recommended.

What Our Patients Say

Patient SN

"After successfully undergoing the HALO procedure carried out by your good self I know I should make the time to explain how grateful I am to you for making such a significant difference to the quality of my life. Most pleasing has been how easily things have been corrected despite me having left it far too long before seeking your help."
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