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General Surgery

General surgery covers a wide aspect of surgical procedures from minor surgery to remove moles and other skin lesions, in-growing toenails, fibre-optic endoscopy, cancer surgery and advanced keyhole ' laparoscopic' surgery.

Minimal access ' keyhole' surgery is available for most conditions related to abdominal organs including the small intestines, for gallstones, complex diseases of the liver and pancreas as well hernias.

Our team comprises of highly expirienced consultants and nurse specialists, all of which have extensive general surgical experience, coupled with strong interests in several specialist fields, including: colorectal bowel cancer, cancer, upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgery, and minimally invasive surgery.

We offer a wide range of investigations and treatment for benign and cancerous surgical diseases, with specialisation in lower and upper GI surgery and provide a range of interventions to treat diseases of the gall bladderand with extensive experience in minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery. A variety of minimal invasive surgeries are performed, where appropriate, including laparascopic surgery, hernia repair, colonic resection and anti-reflux surgery. This augments the extensive range of cancer surgery taking place.

The Manchester General Surgeon realises fully that surgery is an advancing field and endeavours to provide its patients with the latest techniques in diagnosis and surgery where possible. Undergoing a surgical procedure can be stressful therefore patients are carefully informed of their diagnosis so that they should feel more relaxed and confident about undergoing any intended treatment.

What Our Patients Say

Patient SN

"After successfully undergoing the HALO procedure carried out by your good self I know I should make the time to explain how grateful I am to you for making such a significant difference to the quality of my life. Most pleasing has been how easily things have been corrected despite me having left it far too long before seeking your help."
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